About Us

Lyensbeauty is a brand that is committed to providing great hair care to achieve healthie, fuller  and stronger hair texture.
Lyensbeauty was initiated in 2019 by an RN with research to solutions that would provide long lasting solutions to hair breakage, scalp itches, and many other hair problems. The brand was finally launched in 2021 with products like our amazing Anti itch growth serum serum, Hair  Detangler, and more.
Appreciated and recommended by so many users, Lyensbeauty team is currently researching and planning to bring out more products collections in the future.
Lyensbeauty only deals with natural products ingredients and comeplte vegan fomulas.  We focus inproviding scalp sensation, root stimulation, and perfect hair shining that will make customersstay happy.
The fact that Lyensbeauty only deals in natural, vegan  and organic ingredients gives us the confidence that our products are guaranteed to provide the expected results and
will bring you the happiness and look you deserve.

“With Lyensbeauty, trust the process.”