Want a journey to miniaturize the Damage? Let’s Begin!

• Combat the compulsion to comb your hair when it’s dry, The best is to comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb when it’s soaking wet and with a conditioner that has a lot of slippery material. The best approach is to gently section your hair and detangle it under running water or have a mixture of water and conditioner, but make sure your hair is dripping wet.
• Use a good known conditioner or leave-in conditioner that has a good slip. Your detangling process won’t be as long if you have found the right products to help in this process.
• Avoid using rat tail combs. They might be perfect for creating parts in your hair, but they’ll wreak havoc on your strands. Go for a wide-tooth comb or use your fingers to detangle your hair instead.
• Never go for plastic brushes on 4c hair. Non-natural brushes pull your hair strands, causing split ends and breakage. The best option would be a soft boar brush to smooth out your edges.
Maintaining your 4c natural hair needs to develop a routine which will help your hair to remain healthy, moisturized, and to retain length. If you do not have a hair care routine check out our Blog and website for product recommendations, and a process of hair care routine for soft and manageable hair for the entire time.