How to Take Care of 4c hair?

How to Take Care of 4c hair?

Working out on your natural hair is not a piece of cake, and specifically If you got 4c type hairs. It needs to deal with real stoicism, tolerance and be very careful for it’s high maintenance. 4c hair types are known for the tight curls and crimped texture. Known for it’s shrinkage it can shrink it’s length up to 75%.

Taking care of 4c hairs is no less then a challenge, but here we got you safe instructions to make your life easier and happier. Well, the best part is to wear protective styles now which eventually helps with growth, and shield the hair with it’s susceptibility. Helping our lovely and handsome viewers, here we got you tips to nurture your Coronet more confidently.

Dampen your hair- As you feel Important to hydrate your body your hair needs extra moisture to maintain the glow and prevent aridity. Put on some water by spraying it to the roots and then apply moisturiser. Water helps lock in oils and nutrients.

Untwist your hair- Untwist your hair after every wash, so it becomes easier to comb and style. Most hair brands got you products specifically used for untwisting. There are several conditioners that are used to soften and detangle your hairs for awhile.

Cover your hairs with a headdress – It is important to cover your hair with a bonnet before going to bed, to prevent any damage to the hairs and not get it make messy at morning. A silk bonnet is the best option as it locks in all the nutrients. Remember to massage your scalp every two days. You can use any Scalp Treatment product.
Wash your hair – Your hair needs to be washed at least once a week. Not just with a shampoo, but a conditioner too. It helps to remove all the dirt particles. And have on a leave-in conditioner at least once a month.

Patterning of Your hair type!

4c natural hair is the fuzziest hair texture in the whole type 4 hair family. It’s springier than type 4a. And carries an S pattern, which makes it different from the Z pattern of 4b hair. 4c natural hair not always have a fixed shape or same curl pattern. 4c type hair texture is best for it’s delicate nature and the need for additional tender loving care as we all want our hair to be mushy and feasible.


4c type hair are sensitive and very inborn which is why it breaks pretty quickly. Maintaining it well stops it from breaking, many of us don’t know the few easy ways to tackle with our 4c hairs and so we loose the chance to save our pretty yet rare hair. It is essential to learn how to care of your hair. Embracing your hair in its natural state, is a big achievement for type 4c hair owners.